This week is great

by Line

I’ve been moody like a yo-yo lately, which you’ve probably understood when you’ve read my latest entries. I think I found the answer to my temporary depression though, and I like to call it “holiday”. Last week was the official autumn-holiday for students and kids at this side of the country, and there were no children’s choir, no meetings with mum and none of those activities that makes my mood rise in an instant. So I blame society, but I also want to thank it. This week I’ve been working one day in the kindergarten, helped start up a choir in church for kids 4 – 6 years old, been to the regular practice for the “big-kids” choir, and I’ve been to a meeting with mum. I’ve also managed to talk a buddy into watching “What Women Want” with me, and I’ve watched horse-movies with Bettina.

Today I’m going to dinner at Terese’s place, and I’m really looking forward to see her again! She is a positive plus in my every day life, that I see way too seldom – and on top of that she is a great cook. First though, I’m heading out for a coffee with Lars, and if we turn out to be the vikings we wish we were, we are actually going swimming. It’s a scary thought, you all know how cold I thought it was when I went swimming a week ago, and I can tell you – almost with disgust – that it’s just getting colder. I wouldn’t be surprised if Isabel and I came home from London and the ground were white with snow. But hey, seasons change and I like it!

Tomorrow I’m working actually, and even though it will be a challenge because I have to have the store on my own, I’m really looking forward to it! They need people at the Marina, and I need money – and six hours early Saturday is no problem for a (wo)man like me. After work I’ll probably go for a walk or do something nice with Fredric, and because the children are singing at the service early Sunday morning I’m doing an early evening at home tomorrow. Mum makes great food too, so it will be nice for a change – and I will turn my cellphone off at ten, I can’t risk destroying an other one. Sunday after church I’m gonna go see a good friend I haven’t seen in a long time and I’ll probably stay there a while – and then suddenly my weekend was over. I hope your weekend will be just as great as mine seems to become, and last I just want to tell you that lighting candles and reading a good book before you go to bed is a real mood-raiser :)