Good girls – good life

by Line

Did you know that on a clear night, if I lay down on my back in my bed – I can watch the stars just outside my window? The stars have always been a part of why I love living here, in the middle of nowhere with trees as my closest neighbor. Because of the lack of lights around here, it’s always been easy to see all the stars you could possibly count and more, on a bright night. Yesterday my head suddenly turned out empty, so that’s exactly what I did. I turned the lights of in my room and I lay in bed watching the stars over the tree tops. There’s a lot of things spinning around up in that peculiar brain of mine now a days, and it’s turned out to be so much that I rather turn it off, than actually think about anything. It’s actually pretty nice, I just hope it doesn’t come back and hit me really hard.

So to the good news! Today I woke up by a call from the kindergarten, and as it turns out I officially have a 40% position until Christmas! How great is that? I never thought that me, myself and I would actually get something else than a temporary position there, so the fact that they thought of me and asked me is like a small dream come true. Suddenly it feels like I have not waited in vain and that me not getting any other job is because someone out there knew I was gonna get this one. Like I told you I also work weekends at the Marina from week 44, so I couldn’t be more happy about how things are working out. Soon I’ll be able to pay back everything I owe to different people, and this phase of feeling trapped in “the poor student life” will be over. I am so happy, and I can’t wait. Of course, I have a feeling it will be challenging, especially having the store on my own that Saturday morning and changing diapers – but I know myself well and can say with full confidence that I learn fast and do my best as it comes to me. Cool!

Tomorrow I’m not exactly sure what I’m gonna do, but I might end up travelling to Oslo for the weekend. I suddenly remembered that there’s another meeting with mum tomorrow, and that if I skip this one I’ll actually skip two in a row – because it’s only one week until London with Isabel! It would be nice with another trip to Oslo though, I haven’t seen Heidi and Charlotte since they visited us in Salamanca, and that’s several months ago. If I’m lucky I might have time for coffee with Maria again too, so I guess I’ll talk to momma and we’ll figure out something. Now I think I’m gonna go for a walk actually, it’s a beautiful day and if I bring my camera I might end up with some really nice shots :)