Without inspiration

by Line

I made egg for breakfast today, what more is there to say?

Soon I’m gonna go to the weekly meeting with momma, and this time I’n not gonna drink coffee! I think. I like coffee with milk, but it makes my stomach rumble like they were having a party down there, and that is pretty embarrassing. Just imagine it – no sound, and suddenly a long squirk coming from nowhere. You thought. Then you look at me and my face is so red you suddenly start to doubt. Is that her stomach or did she just, fart?  I’m not going to Oslo until tomorrow morning (really early actually, at 07:30), but I think I should use the next thirty minutes to pack my bag or something. Dress needs to come with, shoes, make-up, a blanket to sleep under, a book, my mP3-player, the list goes on.

Later on tonight though, I have plans I’m excited about! I’ll try to do some snapshots at the sky here at night, so you, too, can see why I love laying down there (on the beach) and stare in to infinity. Eternity is up there, it never stops, and it’s amazing to look at. Like I told you before, there aren’t much light-sources around – so if I’m lucky and my camera cooperates.. You might see some star-snaps on this blog pretty soon!

Find out who you are, and do it on purpose – Dolly Parton