While drinking my tea

by Line

I’m back after a great weekend in Oslo, and I was planning on blogging for you guys yesterday, but I was so tired that I fell asleep at nine o’clock – after my own birthday dinner with the family. To summarize first things first, I was in Oslo at ten Friday morning, and walked around on my own, waiting for Heidi to come meet me. When she found me I was sitting at a café reading my lovely book “sé lo que estás pensando” (I know what you’re thinking). I have no idea where the rest of that day went, but my evening I spent at Maria’s watching Idol, eating chocolate and talking about everything. I love visiting her whenever I go to Oslo, she is so nice to talk to and always when we’re together the hours just pass by without me even noticing it!

Saturday we spent making the house ready for Heidi’s birthday party, but I had some hours “break” in the middle to visit old friends from 4H. It was nice seeing them again, and Lucy and I (as the fan-readers of the blog http://www.mewkid.net we are) visited the Lush-store and I bought this for myself and one for the shower as a surprise every-day present for Isabel! I can’t wait to try the bath bomb out on Wednesday, I have the day off and gonna spend it making myself feel great before London and birthday with Isabel.

– Wow, what a digression. Well, whatever – Heidi’s birthday party was great, but I ended up not drinking – a friend of mine drove to Oslo but was going to drink, so I sobered up and drove home with two really drunk people in the car at 02:30 Sunday morning. No problem not drinking, and I have a feeling it was the best for my body too – and not to mention I could enjoy dinner and cake so much more yesterday. Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday and I’m gonna work until four, then it’s the children’s choir and then I’m going home, and suddenly the day’s have passed and I have forgot to blog once again. Please don’t blame me for it, I am so happy that stuff are finally working out for me, and even though it’s gonna be a lot to do the next couple of weeks – I am really pleased with six out of seven working days. Now my tea is all gone and I’m gonna go to bed, ready for biking early morning in the cold weather tomorrow – for another pleasant day at work. G’night!