While denying the lower back pain

by Line

Seriously, how come girls have to go through this pain every freakin’ month? It’s not fair, I would give so much for being able to switch bodies with a boy just a few days a month. Please?

Right now I am searching for interesting things to visit and/or see in London, it’s almost unbelievable that we’re going tomorrow! It will be my third time in the great city of the United Kingdom, and I’m not sure what I would like to see yet. I’ve been to the London Eye, the National Gallery, Madame Tussaud’s, several other museums, Lion King the musical (twice, actually) and I’ve seen a lot – but I know for sure that there are so much stuff you can see more than once, and that there are several stuff I haven’t seen yet. Like Tate Modern, it’s got some excellent reviews – maybe it’s worth a visit? No matter what we end up doing I’m sure it’s gonna be a great trip, and now that Mona isn’t going to Bath after all, she or Esther might show us some treasures we wouldn’t think of seeing ourselves?

But before London, there are a few things that has to be done. Packing my suitcase for once, but first going to children’s choir practice. And then of course the weekly date at Jørgen’s watching “Tangerudbakken”. After that I’ll probably try to put as few things as possible in that luggage of mine, I’m gonna shop the next couple of days!