London went a little like this

by Line

Picture above; is it just me or do I look a bit like Dewey from Malcom in the Middle? (Which is a great show by the way, huge part of my childhood favorite TV-shows).

Just wanted to tell you that our weekend in London was great and that I will be writing a post about all the stupid things we said, the special treatment we got, the fantastic friends we met and how our socks were stuck to our feet at the end of every day. Right now I’m gonna tidy up my room and start some new projects – before going to kindergarten and my first staff meeting. I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous, I’ve never been to anything like this before, but I’m glad they invited me – maybe I’ll figure out if this is something I would like to work with more and maybe do a year at the university next year with education as my main subject. Either way; maybe it will make me a better kindergarten aunt? (Do you use that expression in the English language or is it just me translating from Norwegian here?)

So, my week officially starts now, I’ll try to keep you updated, and if not – know that I’m really busy making some money so I can afford going to Canada and Dublin and maybe even Dubai after Christmas!