Sleepless by a whole new reason

by Line

We met at the beach like we always do. We talked for hours. “I’ll see you” he said. “No” I whispered. I left and he drove away. Then I cried.

I had a really exhausting day at work today, maybe even the toughest one I ever had working in a kindergarten. It was nice though, the kids always make me smile, and I felt like I achieved something at work today. The challenge payed off and it was worth it. Now I’m only looking for sleep, but I can’t seem to stop the slideshow playing in my head whenever I close my eyes. It’ll probably make tomorrow even more exhausting, but I’ll keep up and do my good work, and then I’ll listen to Celine Dion, sleep, and last – go to a friends house. You know, one of those friends you can stay at when you’re sad and you know they will make you laugh just when you need it, and allow you to just sit close, put an arm around you and let you be quiet when you need it. I am grateful because of that. And I know it won’t hurt forever. Which again makes me grateful for having a job and a lot to do, it makes time pass faster and it denies your mind to wander off in directions it’s not supposed to. It’ll pass.