Oh shit that dentist

by Line

Have you ever tried to take a whole bunch of painkillers while half your face were anesthetized? I am not recommending it. I had an appointment at the dentist’s at nine, and the horrifying (or maybe hilarious) truth is that I still have troubles drinking from a glass, because all my face muscles are still asleep like sleeping beauty. I had no idea I was gonna get my wisdom teeth pulled out today, but that’s what happened. I had no idea I would be so scared as I were either.

I always knew I had a fear of going to the dentist, but most of the times I’ve been managing pretty well without tears or shaking. This time though, this time tears were all over the place and I could not stop shaking. I know it doesn’t hurt, and it didn’t this time either, but I was so scared I almost pissed my pants. Seriously, it was horrible! The dentist had to cut out one tooth and then drag out an other, and after she was done she figured she could drill one of the other wholes while I had no control over my left side of my face – at all. Drooling, crying and shaking, get an image? That’s me at the dentist.

Still working, working and working and I love it, and when I want to I have time for nice friends. Even though I’m a boring one and fell asleep while watching Hannah Montana the Movie – which I chose to play. Changing work hours tomorrow, starting at four p.m. and I’ll see you.