Work and I love it

by Line

Seems like I was lying when I told you I was gonna post something on Sunday, latest Monday, but I have a good explanation. I was working! This is my first day off in something that feels like forever, and I’m not sure if I like it – so good thing I’m gonna work tomorrow until Friday too. I’ll admit that last weekend felt like a whole week and that I have to learn how to say no to people and events I want to attend to, but don’t really have energy for. But anyways, I FEEL GREAT!

You all know that I haven’t been working that much before last week, and as I discussed with Jørgen the other day; not working and having too much time off gives you time to analyze and over think stuff that shouldn’t be thought so much about. That again makes most people depressed, so I prefer working like I am now – without so much time to think and a whole lot of fun, smile and good-feelings from the kids at work! Of course, it doesn’t give me much time to see the ones I care the most about, but I know that they’re there and I that I can update them whenever I feel like it. Be scared, I have a ton of stuff to tell you next time I see you! Have fun everybody :)

(and Laurence, we seriously need to have a Skype-date soon, it’s been way too long).