While feeling a bit run over

by Line

Turns out working in a kindergarten has its bad sides too. Kids are sick all the time, and my immune system isn’t as good as it used to – so here I am feeling like someone’s been using me as a punching bag and drove over me a few times. I still prioritize work though, and even though I had the perfect date planned with Thomas at the pool with a steam sauna and relaxing factor 10, I chose to stay home, lay in bed and feel sorry for myself. Or, well – I don’t feel that sorry for myself actually, there’s nothing wrong with eating chocolate and being nostalgic while watching the first Harry Potter movie!

Yesterday I went to Marius’ place, we walked the dog and just chatted for a while. It was nice to see him again, also because he is so easy to talk to! Something of what I appreciate the most is all the people I know who wants to spend hours with me just talking about everything there is. It’s no secret that I love to talk, and it’s even better talking to someone that’s interesting. But enough talk for today, it’s soon way past my bedtime (even though it’s not even ten yet) and I have a day to survive tomorrow too. Feel great!