While waiting for December

by Line

When I got to work today, a horde of singing kids met me just inside the door. What were they singing? Christmas-songs of course! It’s only getting colder and colder, and I have my hopes up – snow will be here soon. For the first time in many years I can’t wait for Christmas to come, and it feels so good!

I’ll happily admit that I’ve jumped the gun and already been listening to some x-mas carols from time to time, but I won’t start properly until snow is on the ground and my calendar says December. I have a feeling I’m this excited this year because of my gap-year last year, being in Spain is not the best choice if you want meters of snow during winter. Honestly I feel like a little kid again, and it makes me so happy. Okay, so I have to scrape the windshields of my car of snow in the mornings, and it’s freezing cold being outside already. My hands dry up and hurt when I wash my hands and my lips are chapped, my room is cold and it’s hard to get out of bed every morning. But, it’s soon Christmas! Everyone is happy and we can light candles, play nice music and watch lovely Christmas movies together while drinking hot chocolate or “gløgg” (google translate says; mulled wine). I’ve missed this feeling, and I embrace it everyday ♥