While doing everything else

by Line

Sometimes I wonder why I continue going to choir-practice every single week. The kids tend to be horrible, and I often end up tired and stressed, and truth to be told – sometimes I’m happy when it’s over. But then again, the feeling when one of them manage to sing a song just the way we practiced for the first time – and when they (all of them) manage to sing a song perfectly – is so good. Partly because I helped them get there, and partly because they are so happy and cute. When we practiced for the service this morning yesterday I understood why I go every week; it’s that feel-good moment of pride, love and happiness. It sounds a bit cliche and weird, but it’ worth it. Even when they cry, don’t want to go to bed, hit, say mean stuff (well, I can handle that) and are so rude you would think they were 16 not 10. And not to mention; when they poke your face at seven o’clock in the morning just to ask you why everyone else is asleep. Kids.

Other than that I now have ten books on the subject Education that I am both terrified and excited to start reading. Coincidences made me have them for free, from a friend of my dad who helped out with the choir both yesterday and today, and that’s actually pretty cool! I had been planning on going to the library finding some or buying one or two online, and suddenly I have ten. Life is great you guys.

Anyways, this whole post is a huge digression on what I’m really doing – which is tidying my room.