Bike.. again?

by Line

Okay, so.. all this wanting snow to come of mine, and all that.. Can I scratch it? Never said? Turns out dad’s car broke down again and because he works further away than I do, I have to use mom’s bike to get to work the next days (or as I guess; weeks). And I will not get on a bike when it’s snow and ice outside! Enough said. If I have to do so though, I’ll use the other and more scary option; skis. I haven’t been skiing in what seems like forever, but the good part is that if snow comes, the way to work will be shorter than on a bike. The only remaining question is how long it will take, but I guess I’ll get some practice and get into shape with that bike before that time comes. Snow in December is a must, and I guess there’s only positive sides to being more active, especially now when all the heavy food comes along (started today with the traditional “ribbe” before the staff meeting).

And about that staff meeting! I find it more and more interesting to learn more about what I do while working in the kindergarten, and it’s a nice feeling being involved in what happens now that I work there full time. I’ve been told that a lot of it comes naturally to me (approaching kids and stuff), but it would be fun knowing exactly what I do to be “so good” at it. You can always learn more too, and that’s something I look forward to when I give myself time to read the books about the study “Education” (which is a weird translation to me, but that’s what google says). I can’t see myself working as a “kindergarten-aunt” forever, but I think I might be able to see myself as a person with more responsibility or specialized in one field (which kinda is more responsibility too, though) or even more fields, I would just like to know that I know more and I need a job that can give me something everyday.

So let’s see about what I do with that, it’s nothing planned – it’s just that feeling I got today after the meeting. I might have to educate myself more in that direction, a thought I don’t like that much. Who knows what happens after Christmas, I haven’t planned anything further ahead in the future than that, hehe.

And last, telling you that I do my job “so well” is not to brag or to boast, it’s something I guess I have to accept – because they continue to tell it to me. I have no idea what makes me ideal for kindergarten, I just .. go to work and do what I must do, and then I go home again. But it’s nice though, knowing that I’m good at something :)