Yesterday was.. to weeks ago?

by Line

I just talked to Isabel on the phone, we agreed on going to my former choir’s Christmas concert the third of December and as always we talked about more than that. It’s hard to call and ask for one thing, get an answer and then hang up, but anyways. I realized I haven’t seen friends in almost two weeks! Last Monday I went over to Marius’ place and spent some hours there, but other than that it’s only been work, choir, Alpha-course and more work. This weekend is even more work, and next week is work too, so when I finally get some days off I’m gonna spend them with total peace of my mind welcoming the good, old Christmas atmosphere with open arms, knowing that I’ve earned it with three weeks with full a schedule.

A week ago or so, we talked about how what’s on your mind and what interests you the most is often what frequently comes out of your mouth, and I couldn’t agree more. I feel like I only talk about how fun my work is, how I would like to learn more and how it’s so nice to be more involved in the kindergarten. Tomorrow we’re closed for kids and there will be some meetings and then we will decorate for Christmas – it’s something I’ve never done before and I’m really excited about it! Of course I have to use the bike to get there, and thinking about the fact that I start at eight is not a pleasant thought – but I’ll finish this post with why it’s worth it anyways. Namely moments like this;