Why you so mean, Berit?

by Line

When I got to work yesterday I took the picture I’ve posted below, and to give you a hint on how the evening went; the saying “calm before the storm” (again, a bad google translation) is true. It’s been several years since I’ve experienced a storm like that, the glass on the petrol pump broke, one of the dustbins were blown away and in the end it was tied to the pier to prevent it from disappearing. Smart as I am I parked my car half a meter away from the ocean, and when I was gonna drive home it was covered in salt – very sticky. At some point the lights blinked in the entire store and I was afraid the power was gonna go out, but luckily it stayed all night. I was more nervous when a customer told me some trees fell down and blocked the road, and that I might had to drive a loong way home, but again, fortunately the wind had died down before I was going home (worse was the bitch customer who came in ten minutes before closing time to complain about a chocolate not expired, but that she wouldn’t eat because it was white-ish. I ate it, it was good. Dumbass). If you want to see a movie of “Berit” click this link. It was worse on the west coast, but I guess it triggers your imagination a bit.

Anyways, I worked the early shift at the kindergarten today, and I loved it! I wouldn’t mind starting at seven more often, time goes by so fast and even though you have a lot of “chores” to do suddenly it’s two thirty and you can go home when it’s still bright outside. It feels fantastic and it gives you a lot of time to for example tidy, take a long, nice, hot shower when you get home and have time to relax after dinner, before it’s even six o’clock! I might nap for thirty minutes now, but later I’m gonna go over to Jørgen’s house and we’re gonna watch “Home Alone”, Christmas spirit is officially here ♥