Nice ass

by Line

First of all, Berit is still raging and I’m not sure if I like her. The weather forecast says it’s gonna be winds up until 20 m/s tomorrow and I still have to bike to work. I’m not sure if it will be better walking, but I’m gonna try anyways. It feels so good exercising! (and even though some of you might not call it exercising I do, because I normally don’t do anything good for my body at all). Today I actually used my bike to Jørgen’s after work, it’s about 9 kilometers and I only used 30 minutes. That equals a me myself smiling because I’m fit after all – and I’m gonna get a nice ass! Now what about that?! I’ll admit that he drove me home, but I’m starting at 07:30 tomorrow so I guess it’s all fair.

We watched “Mary Poppins”, Jørgen fell asleep of course but I sat there smiling and singing the whole time! I must also add that he made dinner, and it was definitively worth biking there. But that was a digression, watching old Disney movies is something I should do  more often I’ve figured out, nothing brings back nice childhood memories like that. My kids are definitively gonna watch all the Disney movies even if they want to or not! Which movie is your favorite? If I have to choose one I think I’ll say “The Lion King”, but I’ll think about it, because there are so many worth seeing.

I’ll go to bed now, just wanted to tell you that I’m still great (feeling better than ever actually) and that I have a social life after all. I also got a postcard from Australia today, THANK YOU Emma! Nothing makes a day better than getting postcards :) Sleep tight!