Hello Friday

by Line

Finally the weekend is here, the one that I’m not working and the one that I’m going to spend with my very best Isabel. Tomorrow we’re gonna wash our cars, go to a Christmas market followed by a Christmas concert, and who knows – maybe we’ll get time to buy some presents too? One thing is for sure though, we are certainly going to have a good time, talk a lot, laugh even more and enjoy a day off filled with Christmas-spirity stuff. I’ve been longing for this weekend to come in ages, and working every day made it come even faster, I’m so happy!

But first Friday comes, and I know that I’m not going to get anything productive done so I’ll start off right now with candy, Hart of Dixie followed by Grey’s Anatomy and the best comes last – Bones. After that I’ll probably fall asleep on the couch, and if I have time (I guess this one is more about want) I’ll read more in the book “Didactic thinking in kindergarten”. Finishing up with a picture of the beautiful weather today, have a great weekend!