What comes next?

by Line

Whenever I am home a whole day, because I’m sick or because it’s my day off or any other reason – I tend to think. Often way to much, and there’s seldom something smart I’m thinking about. Today I think I changed the statistics, because I started to google and think about something entirely new! Which again makes my second blog post for today, and I think that’s a record too, but at least it’s better than the last one which was a bit.. let’s just call it off topic.

Anyways, I’ve always been talking about travelling. Costa Rica, San Sebastian, Canada, where ever I want to go. And it’s true too, I can theoretically go where ever I want when I’m done with this loan, but it won’t, from a practical stance, lead me anywhere closer to an education or a career, which is a thing almost everyone need to get stuff done, you know. Today I realized that three years at the University in Oslo can give me something I haven’t been thinking about before, until today. I can study special education (special needs, whatever – google translate I HATE YOU sometimes) and get an education based on something I really care for.

I love working in the kindergarten, that’s a fact. I wish I knew more and read books about what I do, again – a fact. I want to move out and lead my own life for a while – something I would get if I apply. I would like to get away from home for a while to continue “finding myself” and let go of worries I have right here. I would like to put some people on “hold” and do something away from home and then meet them again in several years to see where we are then. So why not people? Why not go study in Oslo, get “everything I want”, meet new people, learn a lot and aim for a career I can build upon for several years if I want to.

We only live once, and even though this is my plan for today (those of you who know me know that I have a tendency to change plans on a weekly basis) I have a feeling this might stick for a while. I have to apply in the beginning of April, that gives me three and a half month to think about this, and if I change my mind – who cares? Wow, I think I made progress today, my spontaneous brain is starting to work as an adult! Anyways, this is scary, it’s cool and it’s awesome. Hasta luego, bitches!