Ho ho hoooo

by Line

After way too long time to think about way too much interesting and not so interesting stuff yesterday, it was with a happy heart I went to work today – and as always it paid off. Even though I’m only at day two, I feel more and more certain that studying next autumn is what I should do. Right now I’m reading a bit about didactic again, and it’s a subject I’m ready to learn more about! I think by God I’m ready for school again, what a scary thought..

Anyways, it was SNOWING today! Finally! The kids loved it, I loved it, and everyone ran around with huge smiles on their faces. I feel more and more comfortable with routines and stuff, and yes – I have changed my first real diaper. As it turns out it’s no big deal after all, and I realized it with a sad heart. Naah, just kidding – but it was nice to learn that too, now I am so ready for every challenge life can give me! Wow this post..

Anyways, I don’t like days off, and I am glad I have work until the first week of January. Who knows what happens after that? I have no idea, my only wish this year is to be debt free and able to save up for summer plans and whatever else I might figure out I would like to do before I apply to school and will have plans for three years forward (scary thought). Canada, San Sebastian and some reunions are definitively on the list and Costa Rica has been put on hold for a while. I guess it will work it self out perfectly!