Soon there will be; 2012

by Line

This year has been wonderful in so many ways, and it’s a year I will always remember and never forget. In less than two months I am going to Canada to visit Laurence, and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see her again, give her a hug, talk about everything between heaven and earth and listen to her words of wisdom that I now more than ever miss so very much. Grab a coffee and discuss the world, see New York (I am getting more and more excited about this one), do what we want to do. I’m staying for three whole weeks and I am sure it will be some good ones that I’ll appreciate. On top of that there’s no secret that I like to travel alone, so 20 hours travel-time does not scare me at all – I look forward to it!

Soon I’ll try to update you more (I feel like I’ve said this a hundred times, but this time there’s more behind it) and in the meantime you just have to wait, unfortunately. There are some things I have to sort out, both on my own and with others, and sometimes life’s just too short. I wish everyone a peaceful beginning of the new year, take care of your close ones.

Difference between mind and heart;
your mind tells you the smart thing to do,
your heart tells you what you are going to do anyways.