by Line

After six hours of work at the Marina, I still haven’t figured out the point behind cutting lettuce. I think it is the most boring thing I know. I would rather have one, long, boring history lesson for every lettuce I have to slice in to pieces. True story.

When you have something on your mind all the time, and you aren’t supposed to tell or don’t feel like you should tell everyone, you finally figure out how many people are in your life. Affecting you either you want to or not, everyone you talk to are or can be a factor. But by what degree should what they say or advice you to do, really matter to you as your own person? I get affected by what other people tell me all the time, but I try to sort it out by good and/or bad. It’s working pretty well if I must say so myself :)

Tonight I am going to a concert with Isabel, and as the perfect, happy best friend she is – I went from loner without a ticket to wonder-woman with ticket in just five minutes. I can’t remember the last time I actually went to hear a live band playing, and RipOff are said to be really good. It’ll probably be late, but I work the late shift tomorrow so that’s okay (not cool starting 07:30 Monday morning, but that’s a problem I’ll face Monday morning).

Have a great weekend!