by Line

Today is one of those “I just want to stay in bed, but feel like I should get out of the house”-days. There’s kind of no energy left, and I guess I could sleep all day without trouble. I really want to go grab a coffee with Paulina though, and I also want to tidy my room, have a bath (or at least take a shower) and I have to go to choir practice.

Days like these I feel so empty inside, and nothing gives me inspiration. It’s not like I feel especially bad, but not so good either. Maybe I shouldn’t write posts on days like this. In 41 days I’m leaving for Canada, I already dream about how fun it’s going to be.

I finally understood what true love meant..
Love meant that you care for another person’s happiness
more than your own,
no matter how painful the choices you face might be

– Nicholas Sparks