Positive feedback

by Line

Yesterday, I learned once again that positive thinking often leads to a positive outcome. I feel a hundred kilos lighter, and I focus more on work and (no shock), I try to think even more positive to continue dragging myself of the edge of the deep black hole. It’s working, I have gotten some more substitute days at the kindergarten, I am going to get that nice hour of massage, and I am planning on dragging Bettina with me to the swimming pool this weekend. On top of all this, I have finally found a professional person to talk to about what I went through last year, and I suddenly feel like I can let it go. It’s over, it’s gone, and I’m not going back there. I look forward, I put myself first, and it’s great. No wonder the quote of today sounds like this;

Everything will be okay in the end.

If it’s not okay,
it’s not the end.

Finishing up with a nice duckface :)