Oh crappy day

by Line

As said earlier, some days are crap. And lately they’ve been crappy for no reason, and it annoys life out of me. I wake up, and I feel like crap, and because I can’t possibly find any good reason to feel bad, I feel even worse. The outcome is a messy room which would like to be tidy, a mind who wants to be happy, inspiration being sad because it has no where to go, smiles afraid of finding the surface, and sheets like glue. It’s weird, but I’m so inspired – I want to dress up, feel pretty, do something with my hair, tidy my room and start a beautiful project to go on my wall, finish up some Christmas presents (yes, I am that person), paint, read a book, sit in a corner listen to Tracy Chapman while drinking hot chocolate, make good food and eat forever.

I was going to swim with Bettina today, steam sauna, get some sun and color to this body. Talk, gossip and laugh. But I couldn’t do it. I’m mad at everyone, and I don’t know why. Tomorrow I’m going to work, I hope it will help raise my mood a bit. And of course, there’s less than five weeks until I get on that plane ready for the longest trip of my life. Did I mention that Isabel and I are going to Italy by the way? Time passes fast now, and suddenly everything is changed – hopefully into something better :)