Say something nice or shut up

by Line

“eating forever”. 

I almost wish I never said that, because I feel so full right now, that I’m sure if I drink a glass of water my stomach will burst and I’ll die. But when someone gives you an opportunity to get both free dinner and dessert, you have to eat as much as you can (the thing is, I was hungry at home too – and ate two full plates of dinner, before I went to dinner out..). If I’m lucky, I’m still full by breakfast time tomorrow and will have saved some money. Logic thinking? Always friends, always. 

Anyways, I’ve realized that some people will always love gossip more than others, and I will admit that I get affected by it. When a group starts to gossip, I don’t want to be any “worse” than them and tell something I heard from someone that that someone probably promised never to tell anyone, and so on. It’s childish, embarrassing, kind of mean, unnecessary, stupid, and the list goes on. Why the holy do we need to tell everyone we meet something bad we learned about someone we knew five or ten years ago (or don’t know at all), just because someone without a life decided to tell us? And, if they say so much about other people (that’s really not any of their business), I can’t see any reason they won’t say something about me if I end up in a situation people like to hear gossip about. So I try to stay out of it, or back up the person who’s been talked about – even though I don’t like him/her. So should you, and that’s all.