Random of the day

by Line

One of my specialties when it comes to days off, is staying in bed as long as possible. Take this day as an example, I’ve been up and awake since 09:30. I’ve had breakfast, lunch, been reading the paper, gotten dressed in comfy clothes – but I’m still in bed. It’s so nice! Better than weekends actually, because I am totally alone so I can shower with the door open and listen to as loud music as I want to. One of the reasons I would like to move out too, and guess what? I am finally debt-free! No more loan in the bank, just the rest I owe mommy that I’ll try to pay back as soon as I can. I’ve been waiting for this day forever, can’t explain how nice it is to not have to pay that amount of money every month. And on top of that, the weather is lovely today.

I feel peaceful today, even though I’ve been having these weird dreams lately that seems so real. It tends to affect my mood because all the conversations I have at night is with friends and people I know, and they’re still not real. The weirdest part is that they always turn out so absurd and surreal – tonight I was fighting vampires for instance. I won, of course. Anyways, I start work at four today so I still have time to take a bath, tidy my room, write some letters and enjoy the sun! It’s been so cloudy and cold lately, so the fact that it’s sunny today makes my mood better.

Well, that’s it for today, I’m just dragging this post out with useless mumbling anyways. Have a great weekend – 18 days and I’m off!

I miss this ♥