by Line

In only fourteen days I am leaving my house and starting the oh-so-long trip to Canada. To get the cheapest flight you see, I ended up with 24 hours travel time. Do I mind? Not at all! Do I get butterflies in my stomach? Yes I do, I can’t wait to 1) Be alone to think about whatever for 24 hours while travelling, and 2) See Laurence again.

The best part is of course that I will be gone for three weeks, and the question “will I change?”. It’s been a long while since I’ve traveled alone and been away from home for that amount of time, and last time I changed more than I could possibly know when I went. I “found peace” – to explain it in a very cliche kind of way. Now, my mind is once again everywhere it shouldn’t be at the same time and I hope I will manage to work out some issues while I’m gone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy – I just don’t know how to express it the way I want – and that nags me more than a lot! So until then – I’ll sit like I do right now: Listening to good music while smiling because when nobody else can say the right words or make me happy – at least I can do so myself. And that’s something not everybody can say!

Looking good while skiing, hehehehe.