Those emotions

by Line

It’s amazing how fast my mood is changing now a days, usually from almost good to bad or sad. Sometimes I’m lucky though, and it goes from something who feels horrific and “kill me now I’m so sad” to super emotional and joyful! Not more than two hours ago I got a happy call from Miami, and now I just got off the phone with Benedicte, and trust me – that doesn’t happen everyday (the Miami-call that is) – so I’m slightly (a whole lot of lot) brighter now (actually sitting up, not lying down wanting to sleep forever) and therefore there will be a different tone to this post than intended. Good I think, but I’m better at pun when I’m slightly angry.

I had to leave early from work today, everything (or nothing) made me so tired I felt like a zombie, so my former boss sent me home. Why I am saying former? Well, I quit. I think it’s a good thing I did it now too, because I am very bad at understanding when I’m way in over my head, and I just realized the other day that I’ve been exactly that for about some time now. I have a really hard time saying no when someone asks me something, especially if it’s work-related. Yesterday is a great example; I worked from seven thirty am to ten pm, and started work today at nine am. Next week I was going to work six out of seven days. Luckily my brain started to work again before I headed into that week of agony.

Other than that my mouth is still tied with seven seals (do you have that expression in English?), so my really funny puns won’t appear today either. But maybe soon, it’s getting closer to the great time of revelation! What I can and will say though, is that over the past few months I’ve learned so much about who I can trust, how glad I am to have people like Isabel – the never-ending make me laugh sunshine, Bettina – my adviser, my best friend, my make my day great-friend, Benedicte – can’t be described by words-angel, in my life. The list goes on with people who are nothing less than great. Emma, Laurence, Dalia, Hannah. MY MOM.

When I’m more angry I’ll write about grown ups who can’t shut their mouths even if they were given a million dollars. Now, I’ll buy tickets to Nice, France!