In Canada and alive

by Line

I arrived Canada late Tuesday evening with a huge smile painted on my face, mostly because I got my first stamp in my passport (!!), but of course also because I finally reached a new continent, with Laurence in it. I had jetlag for something that felt like forever, and I have no idea why I always wanted to have that before. I am way too curios I guess, and jetlag is nothing for me. It almost made me faint at the metro, and I could sleep all the time. I do not like the metro here though, and now I am scared to faint on it every time we go down town (I am mostly okay though, just scared – it all reminds me of this episode).

Anywas, Canada is great! Except for the stupid French language I could stay here forever and feel like home. It is weird how I dont understand anything when it comes to this confusing way of pronouncing words, because every other language I at least understand a word or two and I can say it correct. Even in dutch! But here.. Well, I guess someone was covering my ears when learning French came up. I feel like home here though, like I said. I don’t know why, but maybe the fact that there is a lot of snow has something to do with it? Because the rest is just weird doorknobs, chips with ketchup flavor, party-tent garages (I’ve learned that a “party-tent” is nothing in English, but all of you Norwegians out there will understand and find it weird), advertising every five minutes on TV, and so on.

It is nothing like something I’ve ever seen before! It’s so different, and I’m taking it all in. I can’t compare it to Europe, so I guess I’ll just live it and make the best out of it. Sadly my pregnancy (yes, there you go – I made that official just there) makes me feel sick a lot, and tired too – but because I am lucky, Laurence is just as lazy as I am and we spend the days together not worrying so much about the fact that we need to get things done. Which we actually don’t need to. It’s my vacation and I love it! We have some really fun activities planned for next week and I can’t wait to get them done, and today it’s something going on down town which I really haven’t understod yet, but I’ll bring my camera and when I’m back in Norway I’ll show you the pictures from my adventures here.

So far we’ve been down town two times, and yesterday we got a manicure (I LOVED it, have to do it again) and we went to the movies and saw a french-canadien movie that’s called Monsieur Lazhar. It was moving, it was great, and I cried. If it’s on in the rest of the world you should definitively see it. So yes, I have a great time – not doing that much but I’m with Laurence and it sometimes feels like Salamanca, and I love it. I’ll update you guys later, have fun!