This might be interesting

by Line

So, to update you on my vacation way over there – and for some of you, over here – it’s still snowing. I’ll admit that I feel slightly stupid when it comes to choice of vacation location, but the main issue wasn’t where this time, it was who I was going to see. And because it was still snow back home, cold as only winter can be and not so many sunny days I felt fine leaving to another ice-cold part of this world. There’s only one thing that went wrong; as soon as I left Norway, all the snow melted, the sun started to shine and every skaterboy clapped their hands in joy. Two days after I arrived Canada it snowed here in Montreal for two days, and there’s more to come. I hope you understand that this complaining is only about weather, because I love being here with Laurence and seeing parts of this huge city, despite the bad weather. And enough about that, here comes more “interesting” information;

The other day we were on the bus to the Metro station, and suddenly I catch myself humming Christmas carols. At first I thought, wait what? And then I realized every second house still has huge Christmas decorations at their doors, in their gardens, roofs, hedges, you name it! But that’s not the best part, Laurence told me some people leave it there all year because they are too lazy to take it down and put it up again. Okaay, heello weird french-canadian people (this is a good time to tell you that spell-check at this computer is in French, that’s why I continuosly wrote “canadian” wrong in my last post) I will never totally get your culture.

The Metro doesn’t seem to like me either by the way, the other day I had to get off all hot, sweaty and blinded once again. It’s probably partly my own fault, but I’ve been told the heat in the carriages has been a problem for several years and I guess you have to be adapted to be able to just go in, stand in the heat for 30 minutes and then go off, unaffected. To give you a picture in your head; imagine this really blonde, pale girl sitting down looking really uncomfortable in just her singlet, surrounded by people with hats, coats and scarves, seemingly unaffected by the whole thing. The blonde girl is me, of course. An other weird thing about the Metro here is that you can actually open the doors manually even when the carriages are moving, and I am not surprised that someone even more curious than I am just have to try it from time to time. What happens then you ask? A short drop and a sudden stop. Gotta love it.

Now a section about TV, because – and yes I am a bit embarrased to admit it – I watch TV here a lot, and I am totally addicted. I can watch Ellen every day! For once I didn’t have to stay up all night to watch the Oscars! (I felt pretty awesome when Monsieur Lazhar got one and I had already recommended that you’d watch it). I finally figured out who Kim Kardashian is! I found a new favorite watching Anderson! It’s way sad but I already know a lot of publicities by heart, and I swear – I will never complain about too much advertising on TV in Norway ever again. You know it’s too much when you watch a movie that’s originally 1 hour and 20 minutes long, but on television it’s at least two hours from beginning to end. Just saying.

This is starting to become a long post about stuff I have a feeling only my brother will have a slight interesting in knowing (because he is just as cool as I am, PS: they sell Helly Hansen and have JYSK stores here!), so I will end it with reciting some stuff we’ve done that might be interesting to the rest of you: Nuit Blanche – we went to a gospel concert in a chapel I think was called Notre Dame. We went to the movies again and saw The Vow – I cried. We went shopping at a mall and my first reaction was “this is huge” – I bought a lot of makeup. I learned that Norway won one gold medal in the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, genre rowing – when we went to see the Olympic Park and Stadium. Same day we went to a Botanical Garden and experienced the fear of huge butterflies flying around your ears all the time – it did make some pretty good pictures. We went shopping and I bought an anorak that will fit for maybe a month or so, but which I loved so much I swear to wear it next year, and I also bought new Converse (with plans on buying more). And that’s it for now I guess. Tomorrow we might be going to Church and the Biodome, and I guess we’ll find something to do the three days before we go to NEW YORK too. I cannot wait, the big apple.