Canada and New York

by Line

After something that seems like forever, I have finally stolen my own computer back from my sister and I am somewhat ready to update you on what I’ve been doing the last.. let’s see: three weeks. First out is of course the part that seems like forever ago;

My last week in Canada was fine, we finally got another day of sun that we spent down at the port, and then we went to the big’o New York. As some of you might know I have some weird phobias, and my fear of authorities is just one of them. Imagine how scared I was when we were going to cross the border (wait, walk of the bus, wait, wait, talk to scary man..) and figured out I did not have any visa. Ops? Turns out that the application form you can fill out online (here: ESTA) just works if you are entering the country by airplane or ship and that I had paid 14 dollars for nothing. After a while of filling out the exact same form – only on paper, not online of course – getting my thumbprints done, picture and so on, we continued on to the bus and guess what? I was not last on board – I was second last

Now, instead of telling you how I suddenly got stuck with a shopaholic nanny in New York and got dragged around from Macy’s to Macy’s and almost fainted because we didn’t have time to eat, I’ll show you the picture of the great memories I managed to make out of thin air while far away from home and really, really homesick. 



So to those of you that are wondering, I did have a nice time in both Montréal and New York even though it didn’t turn out the exact way I had hoped. Sometimes life gives us challenges we are not prepared for at the weirdest hours, and my hormones find it hard to be happy all the time (publicity on TV can make me cry in an instant, for example). Soon I’ll only remember the fun part, and when I do remember my annoying nanny I’ll just laugh because my life is way more awesome!