Lazy life

by Line

will show you pictures from the French Riviera and tell you all the funny stories, but it’s is kind of too fresh to tell just yet. I will go so far as to say it was the best four-day long vacation I have ever been on though, so the impressions are still a bit difficult to put down in words. But great it was!

To tell you how I feel right now I am very tired, a bit scared, somewhat speechless, confused and amazed, and did I forget to mention tired? I feel like I had my energy drained, and all I want to do is eat ice cream and watch Fawlty Towers until I fall asleep. That last part says it all I guess, I don’t know that many people at the age of 20 who would spend their time watching John Cleese and his stupid British humor. I love it though, but I am weird so it doesn’t count.

Anyways, I have actually been out of the house today and I had a great time – a certain someone bought me coffee and it is always nice to be out with someone just talking and don’t really care about what time it is. Of course the weather chose to make wind-storms today and not any other day of the year, but when you are used to working in kindergarten like I do (and act more like a kid than a grown up from time to time) it’s no problem with sand in your hair.

Image// in Cannes ♥