Cleaning out my closet

by Line

I am amazed by how weird it feels trying on old dresses to figure out which ones will probably fit over the summer. Some of them actually fit better because my chest and breast has grown, and some don’t fit at all. Most of all it’s strange seeing how they look on now, and at some point I had to stop because to be honest.. I don’t like trying on piece after piece finding out that my stomach (to me) looks bigger, but not as a pregnant belly. I’m sure those of you who know it will say “noo, it’s just because you’re pregnant, everybody can see that!”, but I am sure that the ones who still doesn’t know there’s a baby in there will think “hmm, preggers or just fat?“.

Because it’s growing so slowly it’s hard for me to actually grasp the fact that I, too, will be really pregnant one day, and sometimes it makes the whole situation pretty surreal. Anyways, it feels good cleaning out the closet from time to time, and I feel that it will make moving out easier – when it comes to the fact that I have to, for the first time in my life, bring all my clothes from this room to a new apartment. I am really excited, and even though I haven’t found the right place to live just yet, I am pretty sure it’s right around the corner. I can’t wait! I will of course keep you updated, but for now I’m nervous about jinxing the whole thing. I’ll keep my mouth shut a little while longer, and when I hopefully pretty soon find a place to go, I’ll tell you in an instant. So excited!

(Oh noes, I made another post about pregnancy and stomach and babies.. Inspiration?)