by Line

I wanted to call this post four chairs and a jar of jam, but I had no idea how to write a post about it. That’s what I did today, I bought four kitchen chairs and a jar to have jam in at a flea market, the chairs need a layer of paint, but I’m really excited. I hate promising, but I think I will have more interesting stuff to write about in a little while. In the mean time I have to wait, and it kills me. All I want for today is thunder and some real rain, and inspiration! Bettina and I went out and took some nice pictures on Thursday, but I am really struggling with how to edit them.. Photoshop is not cooperating. Other than that I also have another post coming up, one of my mind posts that I like to write so much!

Anyways, this was pretty random – I can’t seem to relax my mind now a days. When I’m satisfied with the pictures of Bettina and her horse, which was really the motive on this “shoot”, I will post them and while I do that I’ll try to keep this website alive. Excited!