Hello, I live here

by Line

There’s probably always a meaning to whatever life gives you, and I realize that sometimes it is insanely hard to figure out whatever reason that would be. But, today I guess I for once found mine – after a whole day of laying in bed trying not to think about the fact that I once again will struggle with sleep when night comes, and generally being in a really, really bad mood, I got a text message. You know that thing I’ve been waiting for and that I promised to tell you all about? Well, I decided not to tell you until I got the keys and I thought I had to wait so much longer, but;


I have an apartment! I look slightly shocked in the picture, and the main reason is merely because it is so surreal. I have an apartment. I can’t believe it. If I’m not working tomorrow I know what I will do, and it includes a whole lot of cleaning, and then some planning, then some music and then some enjoying – trying to grasp the fact that that apartment is the place I’ll be living in from now on. The view doesn’t make it worse;

Crazy excited!