Oh hello crappy day

by Line

One of the worst feelings in the world must be waking up to a new sunny day, realizing your mood is just as bad as yesterday – maybe even worse – and all you wanna do is throw something out of the window. Preferably your computer or something really expensive so that you can see it turn into a thousand pieces. What makes it even worse is that you can’t do that, of course. No way you can afford a new one, or pay the repairs of a broken window. On top of that it would be really sad not having a computer anymore.

And another topic, if I tell you “I’ll just go cry and die a little” it’s just a figure of speech. I does not mean that I will go and do something really horrible like taking my life and be really stupid, it just means that I am feeling really bad and that I don’t want to talk to anyone. It means I’d rather sit in a corner and feel sorry for myself for a while, pretending that the world is the worst place to be and that my life sucks. Answering that one sentence with “now you’re being stupid” is probably the stupidest thing you can do, because instead of making the situation better, you will make it so much worse. It would be better to leave me alone and say you hope my mood will get better soon, and just leave me to it. It’s probably just hormones anyways, so I really don’t understand the reasoning behind wanting me to feel even worse by telling me I am stupid. I know that already, dumbass. Christine will be here with ice-cream soon, I hope that will help.