Thoughts about life

by Line

One of my perceptions of people today includes a desperate need for life to begin. Why is that? Your life began when you were born, and has been an adventure ever since. Has it been boring, not fulfilling and not what you wanted it to be? Well, in the end you can only blame yourself. I’m not saying that everyday should be as fun as your favorite movie or that we should try to be happy all the time, I’m just saying that if you really want you can find something inspiring and motivating in every situation, if you are ready to dig deep enough. Of course, some episodes might be harder than others – and some of you might be mad at me for writing this because you are ill or you lost someone close to you. Or your family started a feud, or you lost your dream job, or your boyfriend broke up with you.

“There is always someone out there who has it worse than me, so I shouldn’t feel that bad”. No! Feel that bad, but make sure you don’t stay down forever – because nothing good will come out of that. In my opinion it’s good to feel bad sometimes, and for me – I can sincerely say that I wouldn’t be the same today if I hadn’t allowed myself to feel bad from time to time. Yes, others have it worse, but if you have never felt worse in your entire life – isn’t that the same feeling even if the situation is different? No one can feel worse than what they know is the worst, so don’t feel ashamed if you feel bad sometimes. It is bad, for you.

But then again, after a while – you have to get out of that not-so-good circle, and make sure not to start self-pitying. Because life is an adventure, if you just want it to be. Do something crazy that you been wanting to do but never had the courage to do, just because it felt too crazy. Say yes to that crazy idea your friend or a stranger came up with, and don’t spend time thinking about what others may think about you. If you are happy with your decisions and make them because you know you’ll feel better, the only person that matters is you. The rest of the world don’t know your story like you do, and they don’t have to know why you make the decisions you make.

When I got pregnant I didn’t know what to think, single mom at the age of 20? Definitively not what I had thought my life would be, I wanted to fill my life with travel, experiences and adventure – and for a while I thought I had lost all of that. Then suddenly, my smart American friend Dalia told me something I haven’t forgot “I think this will work out for you, you’ve always liked adventures – and this will definitively be one!”. And it will be, but not if I decide that it’s so bad that I can’t do something with it. Being pregnant is hard, I will honestly say that I don’t like it that much – but that doesn’t mean I can’t make something good out of it. It’s just a new chapter in my book, just like moving to Spain was, just like moving in with my parents again was, just like everything else has been. And even though it might seem like the world is falling down around me, I will try to remind myself as often as I can that this is my life, it has already begun, it is right now – and I will make it my adventure. You should too.