National day; Norway

by Line

Since something that seems like forever (and because of the constitution something signed on the 17th of May in 1814), the 17th of May has been the Norwegian national day – and I love it. While last year was spent in Salamanca as two out of four Norwegians, this year I forced myself out of the house even though I would rather spend it in bed crying over the fact that I can’t get into my “bunad” this year either. And even though it was raining part of the day, and the fact that Norwegians has no clue when it comes to courtesy of any kind while standing in line and are generally being rude – I had a good time. The laugh of the day definitively came out of a childish joke about Harry Potter titles and the word poop, but that’s just how childish this day is supposed to be, for me at least. Here are some pictures from today, not edited. Enjoy!