Bla bla bla

by Line

I was going to write a “pregnancy; worst parts”-post, but then I realized that would be a whole lot of complaining from my side. As far as I’ve understood reading around on different blogs and forums online, my pregnancy is one of those so called “dream-pregnancies”. I was bothered by morning-sickness for six weeks, but I never threw up. My blood-pressure is low, but I’ve gotten used to it and don’t notice it that much any more. Sometimes my back hurts, but I can still work as normal and renovate an apartment. I can sleep on my back – and even on my stomach. I can without problems bike 10 kilometers and feel good afterwards (I actually tried this the other day, and I felt awesome).

The only thing really bothering me is those horrible hormones. But I have even gotten used to them too, ups and downs are more like a way of living than an actual annoying part of my everyday life now – and I hope they will pass as soon as the little one decides to show his face to the world.

Over to another topic, I am realizing that a lot of people think that I am so, so busy. Well, that’s not true. What is true though, is that no one is asking me out to do anything, so I might appear a busy woman with “all” this time I spend at my apartment cleaning and painting. The fact that no one knows is that I spend more time alone at home than I spend renovating, and I am stupidly too shy to send people texts asking to grab a coffee – because I feel like I am intruding. I guess that’s something I should change, but having to ask all the time is not a feeling I am very fond of.. So, if you are reading this and want to do something, but you’re not asking because I am so very “busy” – please ask! Thank you very much :)