by Line

This is my Moleskine, limited edition Pacman. This exact picture was taken at the airport in Amsterdam, waiting for the plane to take me to three wonderful weeks in Canada. Why did I post this picture today? Because I think everybody should have one. Mine is filled with thoughts, both difficult and good ones, and all my favorite quotes goes into it. Lately I haven’t been especially good at writing in it, but all this summer weather brings back so many good memories and good feelings – I just need to write them down. I love reading in it, because I have been so good at writing down everyday moments and feelings that you easily forget when you don’t make yourself a note to remember.

My bucket list is in there, summer expectations and dreams, stuff I don’t want to forget. Sadly, all the pages are soon filled, and I need to buy a new one. I am thinking about this. How cool wouldn’t it be to have a LEGO Moleskine?! Anyways, do you have a book where you write all the good and bad stuff down?