Something nice

by Line

I have a huge plan for a really nice picture soon, some of my friends are really excited (you know who you are chicas) and I want to give them something cool, just because!

In the meantime, take a look at that picture! The only thing left to paint – if I remember correctly – are the cabinets in the kitchen, and they are mostly going to look like the one you see in the corner. I’m allowing myself a day off today, but tomorrow I will go in and try to finish up. I now have a bed placed, together with a sofa, a fridge and an oven/stove, and with an IKEA trip coming up – everything will be done really soon. I can’t wait to move in, but at the same time I have some nervous butterflies flying around in my stomach. Last time I moved was with only 20 kilos, and now I am moving in alone to a whole apartment for myself! Weird that I find that more frightening than going to Spain to work at a place I don’t know where are without knowing where to live. But that’s life dudes. When the apartment is done I’ll bring my fancy-pantsy camera and show where I am going to live. C’ya soon!