Hello there

by Line

I’ve been working again today, after seven days off – and even though I am really tired at this point, it felt really good. I seldom wake up after eight now-a-days, so it feels good having to go to work some days. Filling the days with something useful, kind of. I found out that Friday will probably be my last day though, so I guess I just sadly have to accept the fact that I now will enter a more or less two month long vacation, before everything changes and little prince charming sees the light. I must admit that I’m getting a bit restless already, even though I don’t feel nowhere near ready.

Someone (…) has turned his head down and has gotten a new hobby – playing tango on my ribs, and when he doesn’t do that it’s hard finding a comfortable position. Sitting, sleeping, driving – even standing up some times – makes a pressure to my upper body I didn’t know was possible. But, I’ll easily survive, and he moves like Jagger (hehehe) so I figured he is really living the life in there, and to be honest – as long as he’s okay, I’m okay.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my midwife, and she suggested that I should get a second ultrasound because it was normal to offer (I didn’t know this) and because the first time I had one was an unpleasant experience. We can’t wait to see him again, he has probably grown a lot since last time! I am now 30 weeks pregnant, and with only 10 weeks to go I am kinda looking forward to see how he looks like. But mostly scared (frightened). Good thing I have time to try and grasp this.

Anyways, this was just a random post to tell you all that I am still alive and okay – probably boring – but honestly.. I can’t even remember the difference between days anymore. Everything has to be written down. Everything. If not, I just forget.

Uhm, yes. That’s all.