Status update

by Line

This post is dedicated to my oh so demanding friends overseas, that I love so much. Let’s start with the most wanted update;

Happy now? This is not what I had in mind, but a friend of mine is coming home next week and we have some ideas I know you will just love – if they turn out good that is. Always hard to get a good idea on to a camera lens. Anyways, you will just have to wait, I don’t know who is more excited – you or me!

So, back to the update, 30 + 2 today and still not any horrible horrors because of the pregnancy. I am not ready for giving birth, no where near in fact (as stated earlier), and I lack a lot of stuff that needs to be bought before the 30th of August. Other than that I got sunburned today, am going to work tomorrow and have way too much stuff planned the next couple of weeks that I can’t remember. If you want to know something specific about this state I’m in – I suggest you all ask and I will try my best answering. Because.. I really don’t know what you want to know when you ask how I am. Truth is, I’m fine!