Me, the dog-walker

by Line

This is what I am doing today, and what I will do the next couple of days too. Bettina is on vacation, and her beautiful pets needs someone to look after them. Truth to be told I think her dog is more fond of me than I am of him, but either way – I like just relaxing on the couch with these peaceful, beautiful animals. And I have to get up and move during the day, which I guess can do nothing but good at this point. I mean, who doesn’t just have to smile when they hear a dog snore like a grown man?

I’ve been taking on way too much the last couple of days, and it has come around and bit me in the ass. I am tired, sad, depressed and don’t have energy at all – and it annoys the hell out me because I know it’s purely my own fault. Too much on my agenda does this to me I guess, and with some hormones on top of that I really don’t know what to do. I woke up Saturday and started crying without reason, and it was hard holding the tears back the rest of that day. Same thing happened yesterday, and even though I wasn’t as bad this morning, I know I need some more rest – I slept for 11 hours last night. So not common.

Now I’ll get back to trying to maintain my Spanish by watching Fisica o Quimica with subtitles, all this talking by Spanish football players last week has made me realize that I have to practice a bit again. Maybe I’ll continue that Spanish book I’m reading too?