Destination vacation

by Line

As some of you might have understood by now, I have more or less moved out of my room in the house in the woods, and into the apartment in town. Where I don’t have internet. Or hot water in the kitchen. Or a washing machine. I’ve been dragging my brain around the last two weeks to doctors appointments, the hospital, the municipality office and to social services – and I am so tired, sad and depressed I don’t even know how to sleep well at night. Economy is not so good and I am getting more and more frightened to make the “I’m going to give birth”-heads up call to the hospital in about eight weeks or so, and most of the days I wish I could turn back time.

That’s why I can’t wait to get on the road tomorrow – together with my brother, my aunt and my cousin we are traveling to Rogaland to walk out to the famous Pulpit Rock (press to learn more), one of the things on my bucket list! I hope I won’t get to tired, after all I’m getting really heavy now-a-days, but I’ll go through with it even if I have to crawl. I hope the weather will be good, because I know the company will be, and I hope it will ease my mind a little bit. I hope I’ll come back mind-rested, ready for seven weeks of waiting. None the less, I PROMISE you pictures – because this friends, this will be documented almost to the step. Lots of love.