Lindesnes and Pulpit Rock

by Line

As promised, here are some pictures from those days that were my vacation this year. While driving down we suddenly realized that we were really close to Lindesnes, Norway’s southernmost point, so we just had to stop. I mean, it’s far from here and you can’t just go there everyday.

We were really lucky with the weather, it had been bad for days before we went, and Saturday (the day we went home again) it turned bad once again. Really good karma! Lidnesnes was not full of people because it was a normal Thursday, so we ate our lunch peacefully (after the Indians with the blasting Indian music drove away at least) and walked around and just took in the view of the lighthouse and the beautiful shore.

Walking up to Pulpit Rock was a lot harder than I had thought, and you can say I was a bit tired when I finally got down to the bottom again. But, it was a great trip – the weather was nice (I’ve got some color on my legs now, actually) and I can say that I’ve really been there. It was a fun experience because of all the people too, Spanish, Eastern Europeans, a lot of Germans, you name it – it was a great flow of languages all the way up. Some places we even had to wait in line, because there were so many that were going up at the same time. When we finally reached the rock, it was like sitting in a crowded cafeteria full of summing voices. But they couldn’t ruin the view, at least.

As you can see, only four kilometers but a lot of ups and downs. I still can’t walk properly because my legs hurt so much. But again, it was definitively worth it.

After some really persuasive talk from my side I manage to make my brother take some pictures where I was sitting on the edge, but he didn’t like it at all. Me on the other hand, I loved it. 604 meters to the bottom, way awesome.

Now I am going back to my nice and cozy apartment without internet, and I plan on being there for a while. Probably. I’m not sure actually, depends on how much money I have to spend on food, I guess. Either way, there won’t be any posts soon, probably, but I’m going to a second ultrasound tomorrow and stuff will probably happen, maybe, so I’ll try to connect at home sometimes to keep you updated. Enjoy the summer!