by Line

I stepped up the other day. I showed someone my weakest side. I asked, let me go. Let me close this door and start over. Let me believe in second chances and more than one true love. Let me hope for childish happiness. Let me dream.

It’s a crazy situation when you notice you get used to all the pain.
It’s a crazy situation when the moist under your eye brows taste like rain,
never being sane.

It was horrible. But it felt good. I suddenly started imagining my life, a newborn and myself smiling. Only me, a baby, and I was so happy. I suddenly realized I could even go through birth on my own, because I found a source inside – stronger than I knew I was.

One minute early, one minute late, this is what they’re calling fate.

I believe in fate, I believe you came in to my life for a reason, destiny? But you need to close this door too. New doors open, but you have decided to let this one go. Now, do it properly. It won’t be locked, but it will slowly fade and then – a really good memory.

Lyrics; “Fate” by Bertine Zetlitz.