by Line

It’s been a week since the babyshower, but I’ve been home the whole the time, and as I’ve told you before I still live without the precious internet. I don’t mind, it gives me time to do all the boring stuff like dishes, cleaning, making dinner and so on – and I have a radio, so after all I am connected in some kind of way! It’s been a good week, normal, quiet. Not so much stress, and when I come to think about it – no really depressive days. I still have a lot to work on to actually make my days better and mine like I told you about, but I think this counts as a good start. I even want to write smiley-faces, but as the wannabe professional writer I think I am, I leave them out.

Tomorrow we will celebrate my brother’s 14th birthday (he turns 16, but in my mind he will always be two years younger than he really is) and I have a “date” with Robin’s mom – maybe I’ll find some more retro treasure clothes from the 80’s? Going through mine and my brother’s clothes from the 90’s was definitively fun – this might be too!