Housemoming with siblings-day

by Line

When mom is sick and her kids have reached a certain kind of age, they are in some ways obligated to help her out. In my opinion, at least. So today, while the “storm” Frida is raging outside our window and rain is pouring down, my siblings and I are doing our best to make mom feel comfortable just staying in bed. That means making her oat meal to eat in bed when she wants it, and also going grocery shopping, making dinner and doing the dishes. How can there be so much dishes? Anyways, it was pretty fun watching my sister chopping the onions while crying like her life was over, and it was nice seeing our brother’s face helping out whit the dishes when pregnant big-sister’s back turned against her (me). Listening to my sister talking about the manual instead of the recipe was also quite interesting, and even though it looks a bit doubtful right now, I am pretty sure we can all eat some good lasagne(a?) in a few hours!  And after that someone has to do the dishes once again..

Tomorrow I might go shopping with my sister (if my back can handle it) and then there’s of course – quarter-final with the Norwegian handball team in the Olympic games! It feels good that days can disappear this fast, I am pretty good at counting down, so doing something all the time is more or less bringing somewhat peace to my mind. I had a doctor’s appointment today, so tomorrow there will be a status update about that! Enjoy!