Pregnancy Update

by Line

I’ve been wanting to do this “list” for a long time, but I had neither energy or clue how to translate it from Norwegian into English. Here is my best try though, feedback is welcomed with a huge smile :)

  • Date of delivery: August 30. 2012
  • Weeks today: 36 + 1
  • Days left: 23!
  • Sex: A boy
  • Name: More or less certain, but until we see him that will be held secret!
  • Head down: Yes
  • Activity: It feels like the next Mohammed Ali has taken over my body
  • Baby’s sleep: No clue, but he doesn’t wake me up at night, at least!
  • Impatient: Nope, at this point I have all the time in the world
  • Weight gain: 13,5 kilos, but I have no idea where they are hiding..
  • Edema: Stiff fingers when warm, but other than that – nothing I guess
  • Sleep: 8 hours some nights, but there’s no quality to it so I am tired most of the time
  • Next appointment: In two weeks, but I haven’t actually made it yet, hehe
  • Baby’s room: Poor thing won’t have his own room for a year or so
  • Equipment: I think I have it all! Maybe…
  • Left to buy: Let’s see ..
  • Stretch marks: My “new” boobs will never be the same, but the rest of my body has been lucky :)
  • Problems: Gas.. I know it sound gross, but it annoys me like..
  • Ambulatory: Still surprisingly easy to do stuff, so I guess the answer is yes!
  • Hungry: Feels like I could eat everything, and after one slice of bread I’m full but still hungry..
  • Must have’s: Oooh, ice-cubes! ♥
  • Braxton Hicks: As far as I know – none, but I’m not sure if my sometimes hurtful back can be it or not..
  • Heavy: Let’s just say that getting out of bed and putting on socks is starting to be really difficult and heavy.

Other than that I feel quite good actually, I’m still able to fill my days with stuff to do and I am not just sitting around waiting. I still have some clothes to wash and make ready, and I am really proud of my apartment so I always manage to do something there that soothes my mind or takes some hours off my day. I will probably go back there today (no internet for a while again there) and that is not a day too early. I like being home with mom and dad, but sometimes there can be too much people around. I’ll miss family dinners of course, but I have the greatest mom that doesn’t mind it too much if I am bored and need someone to text. It has also been a lot these two last days, mom is still in bed and doing the dishes after five people can be more than enough to make me in need of a nice nap. When dinner making and driving siblings to whatever comes on top I just can’t help myself wanting to go back to my quite little home ♥